What does 26.3 mean?

We all know the distance of the Boston Marathon is 26.2 miles.
But 1/10th of a mile past the finish line is The Boston Bodyworker . And whether you’re training or you’ve just run the marathon, The Boston Bodyworker is committed to helping you perform and recover! “26.3″ is our commitment to be there for you after you cross the finish line.
If you go that extra 1/10th of a mile, you will find a team of therapists eager to assist you. Whether you are training or recovering, The Boston Bodyworker is here to help you achieve your goals!
So the next time you see a 26.3 bumper sticker, now you know. 26.3 is the home of The Boston Bodyworker.

26.3 - Home of The Boston Bodyworker

Let The Boston Bodyworker help you feel better and train harder

Boston Bodyworker

The aspiration of The Boston Bodyworker is to educate the community of the many benefits and types of clinical massage therapy that are available. We want people to understand the practicality of consistent clinical massage therapy treatments. It is our mission to help people understand why a preventative clinical massage therapy wellness program should be in the forefront of every individuals health goals. There are a variety of clinical massage modalities accessible to you. It is our commitment to help you understand what clinical massage therapy is and decide what the best treatment is for your individual needs and to guide you in the direction you choose.
And let’s be honest — training for races and running long distances take a toll on your body. Clinical massage can help your body repair faster and aid in the prevention of injury. Avid runners know better than anyone that running not only takes a toll on your legs and feet, but your upper body, back and arms as well. Help your body repair and recharge with a runner’s massage at The Boston Bodyworker. We’ll address the areas of your body that are hampering your training and get your in position to run a record time!

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